Tamara Forge

Professional Freelance Writer & Editor

I specialise in writing and editing children's educational content, lesson plans, poems, picture books, early readers and novellas. I have authored and ghostwritten a huge range of books, ebooks, interactive apps, songs, learning activities and content for the children's market, and I thoroughly enjoy my work. I am experienced in managing remote design, marketing and content teams while overseeing the creative development of many of my projects.

Children's Stories

Crafting narratives that can spark curiosity and awe in young minds is always a rewarding challenge. Whether we're exploring magical worlds in rhyming verse, imparting important life lessons, or just getting a good giggle going, I love creating stories that inspire our future generations.

Creative Writing

Literature should be entertaining and captivating for people of all ages.  I have experience in writing everything from baby board books to teen novellas,  and I'll help your concepts come to life through colourful characters, captivating plots and age-appropriate themes. 

Educational Content

I focus on breaking down complex concepts into engaging content while incorporating interactive elements like puzzles and games. We can work together to capture the curiosity of developing minds through fun and meaningful learning experiences.

Helping to develop your project from start to finish – or anywhere in between

  1. Creative & Artistic Direction
    I love working with your ideas and dreams – it's my bread and butter! That said, you can let me know how much guidance you want or need. I can help with everything up to and including character development, story arcs, and all the other stylistic bits (e.g. sketches for the illustrator or direction for your design team).
  2. Writing & Editing
    There is no right or wrong time to seek a bit of help during your creative process. I often work as a ghostwriter, fleshing out and editing the work of busy authors. I will also take on the full project as a ghostwriter or with full author acknowledgement.
  3. Research & Development
    While working with specific or nuanced subject matter, I will always admit if there are gaps in my knowledge. However, I am also a confident researcher and believe that expanding our understanding should be a constant – for people of all ages!