This is just a small selection of my credited projects – many are ghostwritten.

Client Feedback & Testimonials

  • Maggie Bolger: Founder | Entrepreneur | Board Advisor | Shaping Early Years | Championing SustainabilityFounder - Maggie managed Tamara directly
      • Tam served as the lead copywriter and editor for our early years curriculum, while also providing valuable support to the marketing department. As an integral member of the creation team, she consistently met tight deadlines across a variety of topics. Tam demonstrated versatility by spearheading content creation efforts, leading writing and research for activities, and diligently editing others' work. Additionally, she adeptly managed a team of writers, designers, and marketers. Tam possesses an eagle eye for detail and a naturally creative mind, enabling her to craft engaging content effortlessly. Collaborating with Tam was a pleasure, as she consistently delivered exceptional results. I highly recommend Tam for her outstanding work.
  • "Tamara did an excellent work editing my children's fiction story. She's professional and delivers on time. She knows how to add extra details and polish your work to the best it can ever be. She's gifted and its an absolute pleasure working with her." — Kenechi 
  • "great work! Tamara is very talented loved working with her! would definitely recommended her work to others."— Jessica
  • "tamara is a creative and skilled writer. i will recommend her all the time. very dependable. :)"— Brendon
  • "Tam is very professional and skilled. Would definitely hire again. Thanks for your work!"— John
  • “Tamara is wonderful to work with in all aspects. I could not have been happier with her work.”— jilarious
  • “She did a great job, easy to communicate with, knowledgable and quick with the timeline. I'd definitely work with her again and highly recommend her!”— abf2014
  • “tamara is pleasant to deal with and great at editing texts.very creative and truly professional. highly recommended. :)”— Epol
  • “Super talented author, very flexible, and great to work with.”— asamarakoon
  • “Tamara did an amazing job with our short story. You can clearly tell that she really cares about the outcome and the quality of her work. She understood exactly what we were going for and I can't recommend her highly enough!”— closecore
  • “Tamaraforge is an outstanding person to do business with. I believe this was more than a business journey, it turned into a business friendship. I would like to thanks Tamaraforge for everything! The Happy Cloud :)”— dlpoe
  • “This project was challenging on many levels: A high creative requirement and the ability to communicate well on how to develop our content. Tamara Forge was incredible in all areas, and knowing that a freelancer is able to inject the same enthusiasm and passion that we have for this project made progress exceptionally smooth. We are delighted with the work done and look forward to many more projects in the future, and would highly recommend Tamara!”— polkadot_panda
  • “Fast communication, always keeps you updated, loves what she does and it shows. Passionate! Thank you! Was a pleasure working with you.”— cs127
  • “Tamara is a terrific writer and excellent to work with. I've used her talents on two projects now and will have more work for her in the future.”— glennarseneau
  • "Absolutely loved working with Tamara! I gave her an idea for a children's book, saying how I wanted the characters to be depicted and she went above and beyond expectations! Can't wait to work with her again!”— alexisnspring
  • “A very talented and creative writer! Really appreciated the way in which she captured the stories perfectly and meet the tight deadline without changes and with little direction. She's a real gem!! ”— Client
  • “Tamara was fantastic to work with, a real pleasure. Very knowledgeable about our project. Highly engaging, thoughtful, looking forward to working together again.”— Client
  • “Tamara is fantastic. First what caught our eye was her creative writing. However, there is much more to working with her than her talent. She is very professional, knowledgeable in her field, delightful to communicate with and strictly followed the schedule. This in my book meets all requirements of a professional and makes working with her not simply a breeze but a great experience. We couldn't be more happy with the short story Tamara wrote for us. It is so sweet, well written and inspiring. I strongly recommend her and will work int he future on more projects with Tamara.”— sabina
  • “I enjoyed working and building both a professional and personal relationship with Tamara. I look forward to continuing are professional liaison in the future.”— MaRenDesigns
  • “Excellent work! Will definitely use Tamara's services again (in fact, I already am on another project).”— glennarseneau
  • “I love our activity sheet. They are very educative and thorough and kids love them. Thank you.”— jnette1980
  • “Amazing individual and work! Highly recommend!”— latifa
  • “I loved working with Tamara! Very creative!”— JenniferJC
  • “She took my outline ideas and turned them into a masterpiece. The results are better than I could of imagined. Extremely good communication. I highly recommend Tamara.”— danielp310
  • “Wow! Really great to work with. Choose Tamara if quality and new thinking is desired.”— internetnvb
  • “Excellent writer and committed to the project! Work was always delivered early and with little extras that added to the story! Really understood what I needed and how to write for a child audience! I really enjoyed working with the freelancer and would recommend her to any potential client.”— smx791991
  • “Great to work with, fast professional, and extremely nice. Thank You,”— anthoneyISA
  • “Tamara is a professional who submits her work on time. She updates her client without even asking and does creative, quality work. We are extremely happy that she sends simple storyboards with her writing so briefing the illustrators becomes much easier.”— Dipublica
  • “Excellent writer and committed to the project! Work was always delivered early and with little extras that added to the story! Really understood what I needed and how to write for a child audience! I really enjoyed working with the freelancer and would recommend her to any potential client.”— Client
  • “Absolutely fantastic children's book writer and a dream to work with for my animal book series. Tamara is able to produce anything you ask for and does sufficient research to learn about the subject content which in this case was quite difficult and time consuming to learn about. Rhyming, stories you name it she can do it. For my first time at hiring on elance she will do edits with problem and is enthusiastic and puts in 100% i will definitely be hiring for the future books in the series!! Great job i am very happy and excited to work with Tamara again.”— Kimberley26
  • “Tamara has produced great work for us and we plan to continue working with her in the near future. ”— kevinsynergy
  • “Very passionate and talented, flexible..I can't recomend anyone better.”— aniqu
  • “I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone who wants a responsive, professional and talented person. My job post was just for ideas to start with and we will be continuing to crreate products together. I'm looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with Tamara. She really gets into what she does and strives to do excellent work and make sure you're happy with the results.”— rabbit21